Red Rain at sunset during monsoon season - Jerome Arizona, Heaven on Earth

Red Rain at sunset during monsoon season

Red Rain at sunset during monsoon season

Red Rain

2004-08-19_4x6_CW-Sunset-Lightning_0001-MODI was driving on Hwy 260 towards Cottonwood.  Approximately 2 miles outside of town, I saw the rain reflecting the red color in the clouds.  I found a dirt road and drove to the top of a small hill for a better view.

There was not much light to work with, but I knew I wanted to shoot as low of an ISO as possible because in those days, noise was a big deal, especially under this kind of light.  With no tripod available, I had not choice but to hand hold and open my lens to f2.8.  Still working with a slow shutter speed, at least I had a fast lens so I could capture this before it disappeared!  It’s all about the light, but it’s also all about the lens folks!

This photograph was taken during the early days of digital, August 19, 2004 with my first “Real” digital SLR, a Canon Rebel.

Canon Rebel with a Tamron 24-105mm f2.8 lens at 45mm.  ISO 100, f2.8 @ 1/50th second, -1/3 stop exposure.

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