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Storm Coming in HDR B&W

black and white hdr or high dynamic range photograph

My camera on a sturdy tripod, shooting RAW images in a range of exposures from under to over-exposed. I then select the range of exposures I wish to work with and will open the images in HDR Efex Pro, from within the Adobe Bridge.

April Snow on San Francisco Peaks

The view from Jerome after a winter storm dropped one to two inches of snow in Flagstaff Arizona. The snow depth should encourage some snow skiing! Download the photograph cropped for HD! Use it as your screensaver or desktop image if you wish. Please remember, the photograph still belongs to me!

Clouds layered with spotlit red rocks

Layered storm clouds begin reflecting the lovely late afternoon Winter light in the Verde Valley. Photograph taken on February 21, 2010 from Jerome Arizona.

San Francisco Peaks with snow, rain and amazing clouds

san francisco peaks with snow, rain and clouds from jerome arizona

Our views are amazing from this tiny little town, perched on the 30 degree slope of Cleopatra Hill. We are fortunate with our location and our infamous porch. All one needs to do is pay attention to the light and glance outside every once in a while when the weather is unsettled. Typically we have blue skies and sunshine. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, boring!

Only when the beautiful red rocks of Sedona can be viewed with dramatic sky, clouds and light will you find me taking photographs. Not always true, but typically, it takes weather to get me interested enough to really want to capture “that” photograph.

Red Rain at sunset during monsoon season

Red Rain, photographed outside of Cottonwood Arizona on a dirt road off of Highway 260. Early days of digital, August 2004 with a Canon Rebel. My first real digital camera.

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